What is Permanent Recruitment and what is the Process?

07.07.22 02:15 PM By Geetha Kirupakaran

What is Permanent Recruitment?

There are two main types of job recruitment. One is Permanent Recruitment and the other is Contract Recruitment. Permanent job recruitment looks for candidates with a proficient skill set, who are willing to stay with your company for a long period of time and grow with you. They are offered a full-time contract and enjoy a lot of the benefits that you have to offer. Contract recruitment, on the other hand, is time-bound, where the contract expires after a certain period of time.

Where do we find Permanent Recruitment Candidates?

With so many of the younger workforce jumping from one company to another, it gets increasingly hard for recruiters to find willing candidates to fill permanent job roles. Especially when they try doing in-house job recruitment. After all, it’s an added criterion to consider when vetting candidates. So, where should you look when trying to find Permanent Recruitment candidates?

The most economical decision you can, make when considering permanent job recruitment, is for you to consult with a Recruitment Agency. Not only do they have a dedicated team of full-time employees looking out to find only the best candidates for you, but they also have a large network and the needed resources to find competent ones. Candidates who are actively and passively looking for a permanent job.
What is Permanent Recruitment?

What is the process for Permanent Job Recruitment?

Understanding your needs

The most important part of the permanent job recruitment process, when you partner with a recruitment agency, is dialoguing. This is where the recruitment agency understands the positions that you need to be filled, your values and all your other requirements. Only if the agency is aware of what is expected, can they effectively hire. Here, it would be ascertained by the recruitment agency that it is permanent job recruitment that you are looking for.

Finding possible candidates

A good recruitment consultancy usually has an existing network of applicants looking for a job in various fields. Along with advertising on various platforms, the company will contact many possible candidates and finalise a list of possible candidates that fit the basic criteria that you are looking for.


The recruitment agency will then conduct preliminary interviews with candidates to gauge if they would be a good fit for your company, based on the initial requirements that were put forth by you. These preliminary interviews are to ensure that the permanent job recruitment will consist of candidates that stay with your company. Once a list of the best candidates is made, they are handed over to you, the client.


The recruitment agency will then liaison with you and assist you as you interview the final set of candidates to ensure that you are happy with the candidates. On the off chance that you weren’t able to find the right fit, the recruitment agency can go back. With a deepened understanding of your needs and bring you a new list of candidates who would be right for you.


Not only will the recruitment agency assist with finding candidates, but they can also negotiate with the candidates on the conditions of employment, the compensation and so on. Negotiations will be handled by a team of experts to ensure that a favourable outcome, for all parties, is reached. 


The Recruitment Agency will assist you in the complete process up until onboarding. Especially in the case of permanent recruitment, it is imperative that the candidate and the company are both happy and committed to each other.

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Geetha Kirupakaran