Hire a dedicated Recruiter
We can provide dedicated recruiters and HR staff to your organization on a subscription basis

Hire a recruiter

We are a one-stop solution to all your hiring and HR needs. We will assign one or more recruiters dedicated to your organization for a fixed monthly fee. No long-term commitment. 

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Hire a dedicated Recruiter

Need an extra hand to help with your recruitment?

At CLIQHR, we provide experienced recruiters and HR executives on a subscription basis to work as your extended team. Our expertise lies in designing effective strategies and delivering solutions that work. We help organizations hire suitable candidates in IT and Non-IT. 
We want to offer flexible solutions suitable for clients. You can Hire a recruiter or HR Resources on a subscription basis, who will be dedicated only to support your organization's hiring and HR needs.  With this model, you only need to pay us a fixed monthly fee and you can hire as many candidates as you want in that period. There is no need for a long-term contract or commitment. 

The recruiter(s) will work with your HR team to prioritize the day-to-day activities and follow their direction. We are open to reviewing their performance periodically. Our recruiters follow a well-thought-out, structured process that helps us best match the right people to the right jobs. We encourage our team to stay updated with the latest market trends and technology. So the job gets done effectively. 

With the Hire-a-recruiter solution, we aim to give our clients the flexibility to add to their existing team to meet the spike in demand or address skill gaps in their recruitment or HR Teams. 
Hire a dedicated Recruiter

Pay only a fixed monthly fee. No hidden charges.

The monthly subscription fees will be mutually agreed upon between us based on skills, experience, requirements, and the duration.  Each recruiter has specialized in certain skills and roles, so matching them to your requirements is key to success. 

Recruiter will be dedicated to your organization

We promise the recruited will exclusively work on your requirements and nothing else. You manage their day-to-day priorities and they submit the reports directly to your team.

Unlimited number of positions closed

The recruiter can work on multiple positions as per your need. Hire as many candidates as you need during the subscription period. There are no limits.