CLIQHR Overseas Recruitment
We can help international companies hire, onboard or manage Indian talent  

Overseas Recruitment

We can deliver talented professionals on short and long term basis using our extensive database for international assignements in key markets like US, UK and Asia.

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CLIQHR Overseas Recruitment

Are you an International Company looking for Indian Talent?

At CLIQHR, we help international companies in need of talent from India. We offer a variety of Overseas recruitment services to both the clients and the candidates across select sectors. We help organizations hire expert full-time  talent across all levels in IT and Non-IT skills.
At CLIQHR, for Overseas recruitment solution we start by understanding the role and recommending local talent vs hiring abroad. We can deliver talented professionals for short and long term basis using our extensive database. We have good experience working with international clients in key markets like US, UK and Asia. We also assist the candidates settling in the new location and job. If you are in need of customized recruitment services for your organization, please connect with us.

We strive to offer a fair package and relocation support to the finalized candidate based on the current market. For overseas placements, the accommodations and other expenses can be confusing for the candidates, so we break down the details and do our best to help them understand the pay scale and benefits offered by the company. We extend our help to make the offer fair for both the company and the candidate.

As a leading international recruitment agency in India, we are committed to provide the best talent at the most competitive prices to our clients. We follow a structured process diligently to help us best match the right people to the right jobs. 

We encourage our team to stay updated with the latest market trends and technology, so the job gets done effectively. Our expertise helps us in approaching the right candidates and onboarding them for a long-lasting association. 
CLIQHR Overseas Recruitment

Freelance & Remote Working 

We know global companies do their own research to identify talent epicenters of their requirements and hire resources on a remote work contract. CLIQHR can connect such overseas recruitment opportunities to suitable candidates in India. These opportunities are generally freelance jobs in IT such as Software development projects in AI  / Cloud, Cybersecurity, UI design, Data Engineering, etc.

Global Companies with Offices in India

Candidates start the job in your offices in India and then relocate overseas after being on the job for a few months based on their growth and performance. 

Overseas Placement & Relocation

In this case, candidates are selected to relocate overseas on a fixed short or medium-term contract or on a permanent basis. We will help our clients negotiate the offer with the candidates. We will break down the offer to the candidate and do our best to help them understand the pay scale and benefits offered by the client.

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Here is our process

Our expertise lies in designing effective strategies and delivering solutions that work.


This first step is for a detailed discussion to understand your staffing requirements and your hiring process.


We leverage our database, recruiter network, and social channels to conduct a broad search and promote the required roles.


We use our tools to screen a large volume of profiles and shortlist the best candidates for your review and the interview process.


Once you have selected the candidates, we follow up with the candidates at every stage till they are onboarded

CLIQHR Advantage

How CLIQHR Stands Out From Other Staffing Agencies?

 We provide the best staffing services that fulfill your every staffing-related need exceptionally. Here are a few amazing benefits when you partner with us.

Customer Satisfaction

At CLIQHR we prioritize customer satisfaction above anything else - we listen to your feedback

Extensive Database

we have gathered a huge database that allows us to find the right candidate quickly

Right Fit

The emphasis is on providing you with the right candidates, hence saving your valuable time

Slash Hiring Time

We provide you the flexibility to scale up your team quickly with our pre-screened database 

Reduce Risk

Hire only after validating skills and experience. Pay only after seeing them in action for 30 days.

Cost Effective

We are flexible and offer budget-friendly solutions that suit every business need