CLIQHR Executive Recruitment
We can headhunt executives and senior managers for your organization

Executive Recruitment

We can help you find brilliant leaders for your organization. With the help of our large talent network, we combine the art of our expertise with the science of robust assessment. 

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CLIQHR Executive Recruitment

Need Brilliant Leaders for your organization?

At CLIQHR, we provide the best quality service in recruiting executives and senior managers for our leading clients. Our expertise lies in being creative, designing effective strategies and delivering solutions that work. We help organizations hire brilliant leaders in IT and Non-IT. 
Executive Recruitment is a challenge we specialize in across industries. The market in India is very competitive, with the largest pool of qualified professionals in the world. At CLIQHR, we understand the needs of the organizations and the candidates and match them through technology and our process to help organizations find the right people for the job. 

The executives and senior managers lead teams and communicate the organization's strategies and brand. So it is natural for organizations to be extra cautious while hiring for these roles. We will help you through this challenge with technology and a team of experienced hiring managers.

We follow a well-thought-out, structured process that helps us best match the right people to the right jobs. We encourage our team to stay updated with the latest market trends and technology. So the job gets done effectively. With the Executive recruitment solution, we aim to take away the challenge of hiring suitable leaders who share your vision and help you focus on taking your business to the next level. 
CLIQHR Executive Recruitment

Understand your expectations

Organizations are very particular about their expectations when hiring for CxO roles. We pay a lot of attention to understanding your expectations thoroughly before we begin our search. We know its essential for executives to have excellent interpersonal skills & in-depth knowledge of their industry.

Evaluate and fit by values and skills

We understand the importance of having an executive whose values align with your company and who possesses the required skills required for the role. We evaluate the applicants on behavior, brand, and skillset. We ensure the alignment of the company's values to the candidate.

Offer and Onboard

We assist you till the very end. We ensure organization's expectations and budgets are met. We also ensure that the candidate is content with the role, offer and the organization. We assist with background checks as well.

Here is our process

Our expertise lies in designing effective strategies and delivering solutions that work.


This first step is for a detailed discussion to understand your staffing requirements and your hiring process.


We leverage our database, recruiter network, and social channels to conduct a broad search and promote the required roles.


We use our tools to screen a large volume of profiles and shortlist the best candidates for your review and the interview process.


Once you have selected the candidates, we follow up with the candidates at every stage till they are onboarded

CLIQHR Advantage

How CLIQHR Stands Out From Other Staffing Agencies?

 We provide the best staffing services that fulfill your every staffing-related need exceptionally. Here are a few amazing benefits when you partner with us.

Customer Satisfaction

At CLIQHR we prioritize customer satisfaction above anything else - we listen to your feedback

Extensive Database

we have gathered a huge database that allows us to find the right candidate quickly

Right Fit

The emphasis is on providing you with the right candidates, hence saving your valuable time

Slash Hiring Time

We provide you the flexibility to scale up your team quickly with our pre-screened database 

Reduce Risk

Hire only after validating skills and experience. Pay only after seeing them in action for 30 days.

Cost Effective

We are flexible and offer budget-friendly solutions that suit every business need