We can be your extended team and take care of your E2E recruitment process

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Partnering with an expert agency like CLIQHRwe will take care of the whole hiring process, from planning, advertising to onboarding with its effective strategies and planning. 

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Facing Recruitment Challenges?

RPO has become one of the leading choices of talent acquisition and workforce solutions for many business leaders. Partnering with an expert recruitment outsourcing company is an ingredient for success. At CLIQHR, we take care of the whole hiring process, from planning, advertising to onboarding.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) serves as the most reliable medium for effective hiring on a large scale quickly. CliqHR RPO services are streamlined to help our clients get the best workforce solutions in a short amount of time, energy, and resources with an efficient tech-led hiring process. 

At CLIQHR we understand the significance of Onboarding resources as per the recruitment plan and what it takes to make it happen. With our RPO services you too can harness the following benefits and grow your business. A number of things need to come together at the right time to succeed. We will continuously monitor, report and course-correct as needed.
  • Efficiency and Agility
  • Flexibility to scale up/down easily
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Access to an expert team
  • Streamlined process and strictly followed with rigor
  • Market / Industry Knowledge 
  • Reduce the time for talent acquisition and onboarding
  • Meet all your compliance requirements, no short-cuts
  • Maintain your ATS

We offer end-to-end RPO services in India strategized by industry experts and are adjusted to suit every business’s needs. In addition to providing skilled workforce solutions and talent acquisition solutions, we also handle the overall employee hiring cycle and ensure that the new resources align well with the established work culture of our clients. 

Our Advantage

Dedicated recruiters and a Scalable team

We manage the process and compliance

Strategic reporting and analysis on demand

Applicant Tracking System of your choice


Choose the level of service:

Be your E2E Service provider in India

CLIQHR will manage your entire recruitment process E2E working with your teams. CLIQHR becomes your recruiting organization for all hiring needs long-term.

Focused RPO Services as you choose

CLIQHR will manage a part of the recruitment process while you manage the rest. The processes CLIQHR will manage will be decided by the client based on your need.

Limited RPO Services for short-term or specific skills

CLIQHR will manage your entire recruitment process E2E working with your teams for a short term or for a specific set of skills.

Scope of RPO Services

Understanding your organization, the structure, the context of each role in detail.

Creating strategy for talent attraction, candidate assessment, and communication

Advertise and promote the roles in all possible channels

Source candidates through multiple channels, screen and validate the suitability

Managing other vendors and internal referrals/databases (if any)

Capture applicant details in a tracker, shortlist candidates, and maintain it

Coordinate interviews with client teams and other steps in the selection process with shortlisted candidates.

Work with client HR teams for the issuance of offer letters to successful candidates

Negotiate offers with the candidates and convince them to accept

Engage and follow-up with the select candidates till they join

Post joining follow-up as required, based on client request

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