CLIQHR Bulk Recruitment
We can help you with bulk hiring, recruitment drives and bulk hiring campaigns 

Bulk Hiring

Bulk-hiring can be intimidating for any recruitment manager. We use our tools to help you source and screen large volume of CVs faster to identify suitable candidates for you. 

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CLIQHR Bulk Hiring

Looking to hire in bulk?

The Companies generally hire representatives in large numbers through our bulk hiring services. Our expertise lies in designing effective strategies and delivering solutions that work. We help organizations hire suitable candidates in IT and Non-IT skills.
Bulk hiring in India can be intimidating for any company due to the sheer number of applications received. Bulk hiring generally doesn't allow for screening one by one. so we screen resumes by filtering them with the keywords based on the selection criteria for your company. If you are in need of customized bulk recruitment services for your organization, please connect with us. 

In the age of technology and digitalization, any growing business will need smart representatives for their company to bring the products or services or experiences to their end customers. Companies generally hire representatives in large numbers and may not have the time to follow the typical interview process. These are hires based on a well defined criteria and there is a screening method that needs to be followed. These people represent your brand and your brand image and customer feedback depends on them. We customize our solutions - sourcing and screening methods based on your unique requirements. 

We follow a well structured process diligently to help us best match the right people to the right jobs. We encourage our team to stay updated with the latest market trends and technology, so the job gets done effectively. With the bulk hiring solution, we aim to take away the pain of hiring candidates in large volumes and help you focus on growing your business. 
CLIQHR Bulk Hiring

Collaborate and source profiles

We collaborate with colleges and training institutions across the country and identify the suitable candidates that are best suited for your business and provide you with a suitable database of candidates. We pay attention to the details and specifications that you are after.

Fast screening with technology

Leverage technology to screen high volumes of resumes in quick time and create a bank of suitable candidates for you. The organization can utilize the time saved in screening for more productive activities like developing training strategies for the selected candidates.

Post hiring support 

We assist you to develop reward policies that motivate the workforce to deliver more in order to win some reward. Appreciate achievements with rewards to improve employee retention. We can also suggest suitable suggestion to help the workforce get productive quickly.

Here is our process

Our expertise lies in designing effective strategies and delivering solutions that work.


This first step is for a detailed discussion to understand your staffing requirements and your hiring process.


We leverage our database, recruiter network, and social channels to conduct a broad search and promote the required roles.


We use our tools to screen a large volume of profiles and shortlist the best candidates for your review and the interview process.


Once you have selected the candidates, we follow up with the candidates at every stage till they are onboarded

CLIQHR Advantage

How CLIQHR Stands Out From Other Staffing Agencies?

 We provide the best staffing services that fulfill your every staffing-related need exceptionally. Here are a few amazing benefits when you partner with us.

Customer Satisfaction

At CLIQHR we prioritize customer satisfaction above anything else - we listen to your feedback

Extensive Database

we have gathered a huge database that allows us to find the right candidate quickly

Right Fit

The emphasis is on providing you with the right candidates, hence saving your valuable time

Slash Hiring Time

We provide you the flexibility to scale up your team quickly with our pre-screened database 

Reduce Risk

Hire only after validating skills and experience. Pay only after seeing them in action for 30 days.

Cost Effective

We are flexible and offer budget-friendly solutions that suit every business need