CLIQHR Interview Services
We can an identify interview panel, organize and conduct interviews on your behalf 

Interview Services

Our expert panel can assess the technical ability of the candidates required to be successful in their role based on your job description and your company profile.

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CLIQHR Interview Services

Struggling to find an interview panel?

At CLIQHR, we offer on-demand interview-as-a-service. We have a team of expert interviewers’ to help identify the perfect fit for your organization through accurate evaluation. We identify the expert interviewers to scrutinize your hiring needs and ensure that the candidate is being judged correctly by the best industry experts to meet job requirements. 

Our experts will interview the candidates primarily based on the role defined in your job specification and our additional inputs / insights gathered during our conversations. Understanding your organization profile will certainly help the panel identify the right candidates. organizations can use our services for initial screening or conduct the final round of interviews themselves or trust our experts to identify suitable candidates. organizations will still be in conducting the HR interviews.

The pricing models can be on a per candidate basis for senior roles and volume basis for junior roles. Also, varies based on initial screening (1st technical round) or full technical interview. CLIQHR recruiters will screen all profiles for candidates' skills and experience to the role by default across positions at no additional cost. This Interview-as-a-service is for evaluating technical skills or domain-specific SME knowledge in summary or detail.

Our aim is to let organizations focus on their core business activities while we look after their hiring needs.
CLIQHR Interview Services


  • Expert Interview Panel
  • No wait time
  • We coordinate the interviews and report outcomes
  • Time and Cost Saving
  • Your team's productivity is not affected 
  • Faster Hiring 
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