All you need to know about IT Recruitment

18.07.22 04:58 PM By Geetha Kirupakaran

What Does An IT Recruiter Do?

We often think that IT Recruiter jobs deal with just conducting interviews. Although, what if we were to tell you that conducting an interview is just a part of the various roles and responsibilities of any HR IT Recruiter. Be it in-house or as part of an agency or company, they must be adept in different areas to be effective. 

All you need to know about IT Recruitment

Who is an IT Recruiter?

An IT Recruiter is a person who works within the HR department of a company and is responsible for recruitment. They are required to take on diverse roles, depending on which stage of the recruitment process they are assigned. So, whether you are a recruitment executive, thinking, “Where can I find IT recruiter jobs near me” or whether you’re a company wondering, “Where can I find IT Recruiters near me”. This article will help you better understand the Roles of an IT Recruiter, how to become an IT recruiter and, if you are a company, how you outsource your IT recruitment needs.

What is an IT recruiter’s job? - Understanding requirements

The foundation of the recruitment process is understanding the requirements of the positions to be filled. As a result, recruitment executives should understand the jobs and needs of technical roles. That is why, at CLIQHR, we firmly believe in healthy discussion channels, allowing us to best understand your staffing requirements, budgets and hiring process. We are dedicated to creating sustainable, long-term solutions that are in the best interest of your company.

What does an IT recruiter do? - Advertising

If you are looking to find the best candidate for your role, you must get the word out. The greater the number of people aware of the position - the better the chances of finding the perfect candidate. They need to leverage all the tools at their disposal, from Social Media and recruitment websites to existing networks or even past employees.

At CLIQHR, we use our team of experienced HR Executives who are well versed in advertising through various platforms, ensuring that you get only the best candidates. LinkedIn says  70% of the workforce isn’t actively looking for jobs. So, an effective HR Recruitment Executive can reach even the passive talent. We at CLIQHR have the tools to advertise to a large audience of active and passive candidates, for both technical and non-IT roles.

What is an IT recruiter’s job? - Screening Candidates

A company or recruitment agency is only as good as its screening abilities. Being able to gauge the talent of a technical candidate is paramount. Therefore, any HR or IT Recruitment executive must rely on skill and preparation. Knowing what questions to ask and deciphering the answers are incredibly desirable traits for anyone looking for HR jobs. That is why, even when a recruitment agency hires, they look for skilled candidates who show a willingness to learn.

At CLIQHR, we offer recruitment services and can assist you with your interviewing process. Our expert panel can assess the technical ability of the candidates that you are considering. 

What does an IT recruiter do? - Negotiating

Before taking anyone on board, the final hurdle is negotiating packages. So, if you are wondering how to become an IT recruiter in any agency or company, it may be good to brush up on your negotiating skills. After all, achieving company or agency goals while satisfying both the candidates and the company or agency. 

That’s why at CLIQHR, we believe in keeping both candidates and our clients satisfied, following up with the candidates at every stage till they are onboarded. So, before you type into google, “IT recruiters near me”, you may want to consider checking with us.

How to become an IT recruiter!

If you are considering a future in IT Recruitment and are searching, your most basic requirement is a degree in the relevant field. Equipping yourself with enable you to become a proficient executive and secure jobs in leading companies. Being aware of the current scenario and being well versed in the tech field will expedite the process of assessing the technical needs of employers. 

Finding your first job is essential as it paves the way to your career and the many jobs that will come your way. At such times, rather than just searching for IT recruiter jobs near me, reaching out to CLIQHR can help you find your dream jobs. With 35+ partners and more than 1000 open positions - we have the resources you may need. Send up your CV at now.

Geetha Kirupakaran